KJ Works KP-08 GBB (CO2 Version)

KJ Works KP-08 GBB (CO2 Version)


If you already have a Marui Hi -Capa and some extra magazines, the KP-08 gun is great as a backup and can take your spare TM Hi Capa 5.1 magazines!
With many great features including both extreme high pressure CO2 and regular Top/Green Gas compatibility (as indicated by the red nozzle) makes the KP-08 a very tough and reliable and a HUGE bang for your buck!

KJ KP-08 is the first full polymer frame pistol based on the 1911 that KJ has ever produced,

Sporting a new look that resembles the Kimber Ten II pistol, we've been told that this new gun is based on the KP-05 platform -- which is good news since the KP05 delivers very reliable performance and packs a big punch with its CO2 magazine (compatible with KJ KP06 CO2 magazines).

-Able to use Marui mags with out any problem.
-Comfortable and firm gripping provided.
-Functional grip and thumb safety.
-Low profile,white dot front and rear sights.
-20mm rail, allows you to attach flash light and lasers.
-Smooth and crisp cycling with sexy metal sound.